MSI offers Single-use, reusable bipolar forceps for surgical procedures in an array of sizes and styles.

A bipolar forcep is a medical electrosurgical instrument used to manipulate tissue and assist with coagulation. Depending on the needs bipolars can come with an array of features such as non-stick, irrigating, one-stop, and stop pin to name a few.

A reusable bipolar is an electrosurgical instrument that requires a thorough sterilization process in which it must be cleaned after every use before it can be used in the next procedure.

Reusable bipolars that can be sterilized after each use, as well as single-use bipolars designed for disposal after usage. When individuals are making a decision, considering factors such as infection control becomes crucial. Single-use bipolars eliminate the concern of inadequate sterilization. Moreover, aspects like time management play a role, as there’s no waiting time between procedures for sterilization. Financial considerations also come into play; reusable bipolars incur a one-time cost, requiring replacement only at the end of their lifespan. On the other hand, single-use bipolars involve recurring costs.

At Modern SI, there are a large array of available bipolars in the market all changing depending on the need. There is straight, angled, bent, and bayoneted bipolars in a large offering of lengths and tips size. There are also multiple different features of different bipolars: Non-sticks, Two Stop, One Stop, Titanium, Irrigation, buried irrigation, Stop Pin, and Fin guide.

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