Discover Modern SI’s innovative line of lumbar and cervical Kerrisons, precision-engineered for neurosurgery and spine procedures. Laser cut from solid metal blocks and put through a two-step hardening process, our Kerrisons boast superior strength and long-lasting sharpness. The ergonomic silicone handles and integrated springs lighten the pull action to minimize hand strain during prolonged use. An open design facilitates thorough cleaning, allowing easy debris removal from the device channel. Experience the Modern SI difference with our premium German stainless steel Kerrisons.

Lumbar & Cervical Kerrisons: These innovative kerrisons are truly unique. MSI takes pride in the manufacturing process that allows for a stronger bite and longer lasting sharpness. This process includes the kerrisons being laser cut from solid metal blocks, and a two-step hardening process, all of which allows for improved fiber structure, higher strength in material, and significantly reduces the risk of cracks and pores in the material itself. The silicone handle and integrated spring lighten the pull action to lessen hand fatigue. These kerrisons open to ensure maximum capabilities for removing debris from the channel of the device.

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The Kerrisons from Modern SI are at the forefront of neurosurgery and spinal surgery innovation, offering unrivaled precision and durability. Crafted using the finest German stainless steel, our Kerrisons are designed with the surgeon's needs in mind, ensuring unparalleled performance in critical surgical environments. These tools are not only pivotal for various surgical procedures but are also engineered for ease of use and maintenance.

Our range of Lumbar & Cervical Kerrisons stands out for its meticulous manufacturing process. By utilizing laser cutting technology to shape solid metal blocks, we achieve a level of precision that is unmatched in traditional manufacturing. This method ensures that each Kerrison offers a consistent and strong bite, substantially reducing the risks associated with wear and tear over time. To further enhance their durability, we employ a two-step hardening process that optimizes the metal's fiber structure, elevating its strength and significantly minimizing potential flaws such as cracks or pores.

Understanding the demands of extensive surgical procedures, we've integrated features to combat fatigue and enhance productivity. The silicone handles and built-in springs significantly reduce the effort required for operation, minimizing hand fatigue and allowing surgeons to work with greater precision over longer periods. Additionally, our Kerrisons are designed with operability in mind; they can be easily opened for thorough cleaning and maintenance, ensuring that they remain in perfect condition use after use.

Modern SI is dedicated to supporting surgeons with tools that are not only effective but also safe and reliable. Our Kerrisons are a testament to this commitment, embodying innovation in surgical tool manufacturing. Whether you're performing complex spinal surgeries or straightforward neurosurgical procedures, our Kerrisons are designed to provide the reliability, precision, and durability you need.

Choose Modern SI for your surgical needs and experience the difference that precision engineering and thoughtful design can make in your practice. Embrace the innovation that our Lumbar & Cervical Kerrisons bring to the table, and ensure your operations are conducted with the best tools available.